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Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

At Fargo Law we know that facing criminal charges can be a harrowing time. If you or a loved one are dealing with a criminal matter and need competent and effective representation, our North Dakota based attorneys have the knowledge and experience to encourage the most favorable outcome for your case.

From minor crimes to complex criminal matters, we can assist you with navigating the legal system and help you to understand your rights throughout events such as arrests, ongoing investigations and the laying of charges.

Proper legal counsel is your most valuable asset when you are facing charges and need to secure a skilled defense lawyer to represent you. Our attorneys strive to approach your case with empathy and compassion in order to mitigate the already heightened stress levels surrounding your criminal matter.

Our legal team has years of experience with criminal litigation in the Fargo, North Dakota area and surrounding regions.

Who We Serve

The legal team at our Fargo law firm caters to clients who are in need of effective and aggressive defense and representation for both federal crimes and state crimes. Our clients include individuals, families, businesses and people of diverse backgrounds.

Our Fargo based attorneys work tirelessly on our clients behalf to provide guidance as they navigate the criminal justice system. We are there for you before charges are pressed, during ongoing investigations, after charges are laid, during court trials and if it becomes necessary, to provide post conviction support.

Our Criminal Defense Services

Our focus at Fargo Legal is to advocate for your freedom and help you to understand your rights in order to facilitate the best possible outcome under the specific circumstances of your criminal case. Our defense lawyers are adept at handling a broad range of criminal law matters that include:

Misdemeanors - Our attorneys at Fargo Legal have years of experience handling matters classified as misdemeanors, which include crimes such as vandalism, petty theft, trespassing, disorderly conduct, drug possession, battery and other non-violent crimes. If you have been charged with a misdemeanor, our Fargo criminal defense attorneys will provide you with the knowledgeable counsel and compassionate support you need for your case in order to attain a swift conclusion while producing the best outcome possible.

Felonies -Violent or nonviolent felonies are serious offenses that constitute the highest level of crime for which you can be charged. Our attorneys are adept at handling matters such as grand theft, narcotic sales, robbery, burglary and even allegations of homicide. We understand how devastating a conviction can be to your life and the lives of your loved ones so we work closely with you to fully comprehend the specifics of your case and to develop a defense strategy that mitigates the potentially negative effects of the charges.

Along with misdemeanors and felonies, our competent litigation team also offers legal counsel, criminal defense services and representation for the following:

  • DUI and DWI
  • Assault Charges
  • Protective Orders
  • Juvenile Criminal Matters
  • Illegal Possessions
  • Homicide
  • Traffic Law
  • Firearm Issues
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Drug Related Offenses
  • Sexual Offenses
  • Expungements

We use our extensive knowledge of criminal law to facilitate your defense with a goal to have your case dismissed, if possible and if not, to negotiate amicable terms and to reduce any potential penalties you may incur. While our intention is to prevent any formal charges from being brought against you, if that scenario becomes unavoidable, we immediately shift our attention to the work of securing an acquittal and or winning an appeal for your case.

Experienced Fargo Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal charges have the potential to catastrophically damage your life and negatively impact its trajectory in irreparable ways. Whether you are facing minor offenses, or misdemeanor or felony charges, you can depend on the team at Fargo legal to offer you honest counsel, sound guidance and effective representation throughout every stage of your criminal matter.

The attorneys at Fargo Legal are focused on providing you with the help you need to understand your legal options in order to produce the best outcome for your criminal matter. We know that every criminal law case is unique, so we are committed to working with you to fully understand your situation and to devise your best way forward. We have one ultimate goal, which is to protect your rights, your reputation and your livelihood.

To schedule an initial consultation with a knowledgeable and experienced Fargo criminal defense attorney, Contact us today. Alternatively, you may complete our client intake form to get started now.

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