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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law, Fargo ND

At Fargo Law we offer professional legal services and representation for a variety of real estate transactions and proceedings. Whether you want to lease, buy or sell commercial or residential property, our experienced team of attorneys can take care of every aspect of the legal administration procedures required for successful completion.

Serving the city of Fargo, North Dakota and its environs, we have accumulated years of experience with providing services that range from financing to development, construction, real estate title services and foreclosure of properties in the area.

We offer customized services that are specifically designed to address your unique needs. We have the resources and knowledge to help you achieve your goals while strictly adhering to local laws.

Our team, which consists of respected real estate attorneys, paralegals and support staff, works in tandem to provide you with quality legal services, tailored solutions, timely communication and meticulous attention to the details regarding your matter.

Who We Serve

Specializing in transactional and real estate title services, Fargo Law represents a client base which includes individuals, businesses, brokers, developers, builders, real estate title insurance companies, homeowners associations and government agencies as well as commercial and private real estate buyers, sellers, lenders, landlords and tenants.

Our Real Estate Law Services

At Fargo Law our attorneys possess extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of real estate matters in Fargo, North Dakota. We routinely assist our clients with the following:

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions - The legal team at Fargo Law provides a complete range of real estate services on behalf of real estate professionals, title companies, buyers, sellers, developers, business owners and families. Our services include property management agreements, drafting letters of intent, leasing and subleasing as well as contracts and agreements.

Purchase and Sale of Property - Whether you need to sell or purchase a residential or commercial property, the attorneys at Fargo Law have the knowledge and experience to assist you with every aspect of your transaction. We negotiate key terms, draft and review purchase agreements and contracts, offer closing and escrow services as well as thorough title examinations to ensure the delivery of clean and properly filed titles upon completion. We conduct due diligence in all our real estate matters and proceed with a focus to protect your interests and investment.

Real Estate Litigation - The ligation team at Fargo Law is adept at resolving real estate property disputes and contested issues regarding the purchase, sale and leasing of commercial and residential properties. Our firm represents clients with widely varying circumstances relating to property transactions in Fargo, North Dakota including contract disputes, foreclosures, receiverships, breaches of contract, defective construction, liens, title disputes as well as access, ownership and boundary issues.

We also offer legal counsel, services and representation for the following:

  • Real Estate Financing
  • Development, Land Use and Zoning Issues
  • Tax Increment Financing
  • Real Estate Tax Valuation Protests
  • Real Estate Title Insurance
  • Real Estate Title Search
  • Foreclosure Proceedings
  • Residential Transactions
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes
  • Mortgages
  • Liens
  • Condemnation and Eminent Domain
  • Homeowners’ Association Issues
  • Drafting, Negotiating, and Reviewing Contracts and Agreements
  • Reviewing Offering Plans
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Easements and Right of Way
  • Adverse Possession
  • Encroachment and Encumbrances Deeds
  • Quiet Title Actions
  • Cooperatives and Condominiums
  • Construction and Improvements

The attorneys at Fargo Law are committed to facilitating the most beneficial outcome for your real estate matters. From negotiating and drafting simple leasing agreements and other real estate transactions to litigating complex and multifaceted real estate disputes, we collaborate with our clients to provide results-oriented services and world-class representation.

We are properly equipped and ready to assist you with any aspect of Fargo real estate law, to bring about a successful outcome, while avoiding unnecessary litigation and disputes that commonly arise from the administration of real estate transactions. In the case of an unavoidable dispute, our attorneys will cautiously but aggressively work on your behalf to resolve your matter with the best possible outcome.

Experienced and Trusted Fargo Real Estate Attorneys

Our Fargo real estate attorneys are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service required to achieve your legal objectives. As our client, you can put your trust in our experience, knowledge and readiness as we serve your interests in buying, selling or renting your properties as well as carrying out any other type of real estate matter.

To schedule an initial consultation with a knowledgeable and experienced Fargo real estate lawyer, Contact us today. Alternatively, you may complete our client intake form to get started now.

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